Every TUESDAY night 8pm

Every Tuesday night Tommy James and Adam James AKA "The James Gang" present a weekly party of Punkoustic proportions with PLAYLAND.

Live music each week beginning at 8pm. Tommy James DJ’s 1960s & 1970's Rock ’n’ Roll, Garage, Psyche, Punk and Remixes!! Adam James Slays! 

ALL NIGHT Drink specials FEATURING Jameson Caskmates. No Cover! Cocktails! Food! FI-DOLLA Burgers till close.

8pm till late!

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Every WEDNESDAY night  8pm

BINGO A-GO-GO! Every Wednesday at Ethyl’s with your host & caller, the girl that puts the Go-Go in BINGO: Dandy Dillinger!

Win great prize’s each week! 

Bar tabs, cash, shots, and titillating trinkets! 

Cocktails & Food served all night! Go-Go Dancing! Great Music! 

PLUS....DJ La La Linda supplies the sounds of groovy 1960s Garage, Freakbeat, Northern Soul, French YeYe, Psych and more! 

8pm till late!!

Every Thursday Night  10pm

Thursdays at Ethyl’s it’s TABOO! with DJ Ronnie Magri spinning classic 1960s & 1970s + Boogie + Funk + Soul + Disco!


GO-GO GIRLS! Soul Train Dance Videos!

Cocktails! Food! FI-DOLLA Burgers till close. 

No Cover! 10pm till late.

EVERY FRiday & Saturday NIGHT 10pm

Weekend at Ethyl’s it’s the Go-Go! Get Down! 

Go-Go Girl, DJ’s, Cocktails, Food!

Catch some of the top names in Burlesque & Go-Go each week at Ethyl’s!

Including: Pearls Daily, Lilin Lace, Puss-N-Boots, Dandy Dillinger, Gigi Bonbon, Logan Laveau, Velvetina Taylor, Trinity Starlight and more…

Every weekend at Ethyl’s our DJ’s spins the best old school Rhythm & Blues + Soul + Hard Funk + Disco + Boogaloo + Hip Hop + Salsa + House and more to get you movin’. 

Friday & Saturday nights starting at 10pm till 4am.     

Never a cover charge!

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Happy Hour 

7 days / open - 7pm

$5 Food / $5 Drinks

" It's Fi'Dolla Somewhere" 

Meatball Monday + The Gent

Taco Tuesday + The Hot Blooded

Wing Wednesday + Dry Rose Cider on Tap

Disco Curd Thursday + The Bump & Grind

Banana Spider Fry-Day + The Hot Pants Punch

Weekend Wings, Nachos and Bloody Marys!


Ethyl's alcohol & food is an East side bar & performance space that rattles the bones of A New York PAST. 

FUNKY 1970s-Themed Haunt With Great Food & Drinks Daily. DJ’s, Live Music, GO-GO Girls!

When Charlie Sub came to Paul Gerard with stories of his fathers club "The Coventry", (a seminal NYC rock club that launched the likes of Kiss, New York Dolls, The Ramones, and more) and wanting to build a bar that would capture the classic days of New York, Paul knew immediately what he'd do. He knew because retaining old New York is a subject that is always on his mind. Paul developed the Ethyl's Alcohol & Food concept, and got to work on design. He rounded up the crew he knew could pull off a caper that called for the character insight of New York one can only get from graduating from the school of hard knocks. He gathered a crew alive with experience that comes from lifetimes on this city's mean streets, both sides of the bar, and with hospitality and entertainment in their bones. 

Paul enlisted his "consigliere of cool," lifelong friend, renowned drummer and DJ Ronnie Magri to help him sharpen his rough edges, and create the soundtrack that could swing the scene back to the 70's! 

Adam Velez, long time cohort, carnival barker extraordinaire, and king of carousing to soldier the sunset hours. 

And skipper of the scene, Brownsville born, former studio 54 doorman, and restaurant rabbi  Gerard Renny

From there, Paul went to work creating the concept, and gathering what he'd need for design. It was simple really, he collected everything that turned him on as a kid: punks, poets, starlets, and artists, writers, fighters, outlaws, and outsiders, comics, creators and characters from the culture that moved the 20th century.

The upper east side may be an unlikely place to open a sexy bar in a city scene that suspects everything cool happens downtown. 
The tired dictum declared by so many  "I don't go above 14th" has always been around, but guess what, they did. The cool ones did. The artists did, musicians did, performers did. Anyone that wanted to see or be seen on the scene that was the island of Manhattan did. They went to Elaine's, Max's, Studio 54, The Peppermint Lounge, Shout Disco, Marty's East, Club El Moracco, Baja Club, Jimmy Ryan's Dixieland Club, Cafe Central, Roxy, Sabu's, and many many other clubs peppered all over this larger than life, but not very big island. The Beat Generation happily humped to get down to Be-Bop in New York clubs such as the Red Drum, Minton's, the Open Door and other hangouts, shooting the breeze, banging tables and digging the music of Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Max Roach and Miles Davis. Worldly cats that pranced in Harlem & midtown mostly. High, high high above 14th, or below it. It didn't matter. Where was the action? They travelled by taxi, train, foot, moto or moxie, but they got where the gettin was good because being bound and playing by rules would've gone against their innate grain and gumption to change the world to their liking. They gave us the gift of the coolest city in the world because they owned it! They owned it all! Not just a corner. They'd never settle for a piece. Jack Kerouac didn't say "The only people for me are the mad ones below 14th." No. He'd consider that saying a "common place thing" as he, and all the groundbreakers leaned forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies. 

Paul, Ronnie, Adam, Gerard, and Charlie are New Yorkers that know NY, and built Ethyls to be surrounded by the spirits of their heroes, and the spirit of the scene that shouldn't be forgotten! 



(212) 300-4132



Ethyl's Alcohol & Food

1629 2nd Avenue
btwn 84th/85th St
New York, NY 10028

[4/5/6 Train to 86th Street Q to 86th on the new 2nd Avenue Subway Line]



Monday-Friday 4pm - 4am

Saturday-Sunday 12pm - 4am



Whatever your reason for a party, we’ll take good care of you and your needs.

Book your birthday party, corporate or private event at Ethyl’s! 

Reserve a few tables or rent the whole place.

You tell us, and we'll do our best to make it a very memorable experience!

To book your party fill out the form below for more information.

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If you are interested in booking a show or event at Ethyl’s, here are some helpful tips.

Email to contact us about bookings

Make sure to include information about your type of performance and what date range you are interested in. 

Also include a link to your website, EPK, Facebook (or comparable).

Ethyl's Backline

* Full 4 piece Pearl drum kit. 22, 14, 14, 16, with hardware.
  -Drummers are required to bring your own snare, cymbals & hi hat clutch.
* Fender Stage 100 Guitar Amp
* Fender Champ Guitar Amp
* Crate Powerblock Amp
* Ampeg BA-115 Bass Amp
* Yamaha P-60 Keyboard
* Shure SM58 Microphones
* Harbinger 1200 Watt 12 Channel P.A.
* 2 Wall mounted Yamaha P.A. Speakers
* 4 Alto 600 Watt powered floor monitors
* Video Projection and Screen

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by Charlie & the Sound Dogs

Music & Lyrics by CHARLIE SUB