Disadvantages of online shopping

With the evolution of technology, online shopping is growing rapidly. Although it has some advantages but there are also some disadvantages of online shopping which are very important for you to know. So, if you think of shopping online for kids clothing Dubai or the best skin care products in UAE, keep these disadvantages in mind and then go for online shopping.

Following are the disadvantages of online shopping.

Delivery Time Is Slow

For me, this is a huge disadvantage of online shopping. When you shop online, the delivery time is quite slow. If suppose, you order anything today and it hardly takes 10 minutes to buy the item but you get that item in six to seven days which is actually annoying. When you do online shopping, you are excited to receive your parcel but the delivery time makes the excitement go away.

No Assistance

When you go to the store and buy something, then there are salesman who assist you if you have any query related to the product you are buying. But, when you buy anything online, even if you have any query, it cannot be solved right away. You have to purchase that item which can be a mistake and you can regret that.

No Experience Of Shopping

Shopping is fun whether online or physically. But, going to shopping physically is much more fun. For example, you go for the shopping of your clothes. When you go to the shop, you can try the clothes and check which suits you better.

With online shopping, you miss the experience of shopping. You cannot try different clothes or try different scents.


This is actually the most prominent disadvantage of online shopping. A lot of times, they see a product and like it but once they order it and receive the product, the quality is not at all good and the products has some flaws. Also, many online stores sells products which are not genuine and ask you to do the payment online if you order those products. In this case, either you receive a fake product or in some cases you don’t receive the product. This is so sad because you spent money and you got a fake product or you didn’t get the article.

Now, you know all the disadvantages of online shopping. Be very careful from now onwards if you shop online.