Mental health care providers

Mental health care providers

Psychiatrist in Dubai is one of the major mental health care providers.  Mental health is such a broad term that it incorporates a lot of problems. One of such problems is eating disorder.

What is meant by eating disorder?

Eating disorder can be easily misunderstood just by its name. It is a general concept that eating disorder deals with unusual eating patterns. This is half true. Eating disorder is actually caused by some mental issues that result in an eating disorder. But eating disorder treatment can cure this very easily and within no time as well. Eating disorder is so common in today’s world that according to recent reports an estimate of 20 million men and women have or have had eating disorders in their life. There are certain psychological conditions that eventually develop as an eating disorder. This disorder is one of the most deadly amongst all if not treated properly. It can even cause death if it is left untreated. Eating disorder can be found in people from all the age groups of human life. However, the most common age group that is prone to eating disorder is the adolescents and young women.

A lot of people may experience an eating disorder by the young age of 20. Eating disorder is the other name for the obsession for food or a certain body type which restricts the intake of food. One of the major causes of eating disorder is the obsession with becoming in order to fulfill societal standards and the portrayal of such people as idols. This ideology of being thin has been prevalent for many years in the world and it still is. Still people from a particular region are found to be having an eating disorder which means that it depends on a number of other factors as well. These other factors may include genetics, brain biology, personality traits, and cultural ideals. There are different types of eating disorders. Some of the eating disorders are discussed in this article below.

Anorexia nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder where people begin to think of themselves as overweight even when they are extremely underweight. People with anorexia nervosa tend to constantly monitor their weight. They get paranoid if they notice even a slight gain in their weight. They restrict themselves from eating certain foods and consume a very low amount of calories.